Governor main panel:

Gain: Set as much as needed to get a constant headspeed. Too much gain will cause throttle pumping, too less unstable RPM.
Requested: RPM requested by the preset channel or internally fixed values.
Current: Current RPM (always use bluetooth module for analysis on running helis)
Gov active: Lights when the governor is active, valid preset request above 0% channel value and throttle value above -70% needed.
Magnet: Lights at sensor signal. Will be shown delayed, so move slowly.
Full Throttle: Lights at full throttle.
Low Limit: Lights when the throttle servo output is at the minimum governor value (expert).
Ramp limit: Lights when the governor reaches the limit to spool up itself and during the spool up.
Failsafe active: Lights when no RC signal is detected. Switch to FS mode.
Bailout armed: Lights when bailout is active and preset more than 90% for bailout




Curve settings:
Only available at e-Governor and nitro using standard hookup or in expert mode. Active with a given preset channel value above 0%.
Preset folder: Contains 4 preset curves.
Modification: The curve can be modified either with the mouse or entereing values manually.
Blue area at the bottom: Shows the current governor minimum value
Green line: Shows the current collective stick position






Governor experts:

In general the parameters were explained at the tooltips of the pc software.

The most important parameter here is the Minimum Gov. This is nearly as important as the gain on the main screen. Set as low as needed to get no overspeeding and as well as high as needed to have quick response when adding load. A proven maneuver to set this will be a rainbow. Doing a compromise, it might be better to accept some slight overspeeding during the unloaded part of the rainbow instead of too less power at the end.

The given preset buttons will set proven values as a good starting point. Take note that the e values are always lower than the nitros in case of the faster response on a electric drive.