Electric Governor

Setting up the e-Governor:

Please take note that during every setup procedures the blades have to be unmounted, the motor pinion must turn free or the cables must be disconnected. Otherwise the motor can spool up accidentally during the setup procedures!

In electric mode we had the goal to make our governor control close to the usual procedures on the market. This means ... only one channel for TX control as headspeed preset channel. All other things are being done internally so this way gives us the advantage to use it with a standard hookup reciever as well as any kind of single line, satellites and bus systems.

Preconditions for the usage of the e-Governor:

  • At first we need a ESC that gives us best access to its power output to the motor. The ESC will be programmed as Airplane or as Helicopter with softstart and no governor. Set the reactions on this esc as fast as possible for best results. You should know that we were not able to guarantee succes with all the ESC's on the market.
  • The next thing is the RPM sensor. You can use a sensor with one or more magnets on the main wheel like on some nitro helicopters or a phase sensor. The sensor signal lead must be connected to the Sensor II port, the colour assignments are accordingly to the servos. This port is powered with 3.3 Volts. Sensors that need full rc voltage must be connected with the power leads to another unused servo port. 


Using a magnet sensor at the main wheel (like Nitros) is recommended. As an alternative we can use pahse sensors but we tested them with very different results and different combinations. We won't take any guarantee that your given combo (ESC/Sensor/Motor) will work.