Multiblade setup

In General ... every main head is set up with 90° lead for the ingoing movements. The reason ist simple physics, on a rotating system we have always 90° delay. On every heli, no matter if flybar or flybarless and how many blades.

If you turn a blade over the tail boom and give elevator nose down it won't move! - If you turn the blade on a CW system on the right side of the heli (90deg to tail boom) it will move max. positive at elevator nose down.

This pahse adjustment will be done on 2 blade or flybarred helis mechaniclly. On multiblades you won't have a good solution doing this of course. So set the head for best linkage layout straight from blade grip to swash and do the rest with our servo rotation in swash expert (5.0 pro needed).

The 90° is  a starting position, fine tuning must be done in flight. For this do a quick start from hover. If the heli wobbles on aileron first before accelerating on elevator nose down decrease the rotation in 5° steps. VBar can handle wrong settings up to 30° so a little difference won't have much effect. For example on our BO 105 we have 70°. This value depends on blades, headspeed, dampening and weight.